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HOLD POLICY: End-of-membership-month holds are always allowed, and you can resume your membership any time. /// Mid-membership-month (MMM) holds are only granted in the case of serious illness or injury. /// We’re a small admin team, so to ensure you won’t be charged while you’re meant to be on hold, please make sure to submit your hold request AT LEAST 5 BUSINESS DAYS prior to your hold start date. /// Please be patient and don’t submit multiple hold requests. /// Should you submit a hold request 1-5 business days prior to your hold start date, you may be charged but we will refund your payment once your hold has been processed. /// There are no retroactive holds: you must let us know in advance if you wish to place your membership on hold.  /// A start and end date are required for every hold. /// Upon expiration of any hold, the member’s account will automatically become active, and payments will resume. /// The maximum MMM hold period is 3 months; the end date can be adjusted earlier if you’re ready to return, or later up to the maximum 3 months. /// If 3 months of MMM hold is reached, the membership must either be reactivated, or it will be dropped and any remaining credit will be forfeited. If we do not hear from you regarding what you would like to do with your membership, it will be dropped and any remaining credit will be forfeited. 
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