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CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellation requests must be submitted before the membership renewal or monthly contract membership billing date. Retroactive cancellations are not permitted. /// We’re not your typical gym and we’re happy to cancel your membership if you won’t be able to use it. But, we’re a small admin team, so to ensure you won’t be charged, please make sure to submit your cancellation request AT LEAST 5 BUSINESS DAYS prior to your renewal date. /// Please be patient and don’t submit multiple cancellation requests. /// Should you submit a cancellation request 1-5 business days prior to your renewal date, you may be charged but we will refund your payment once your cancellation has been processed. /// Month-to-month memberships may be cancelled upon expiration of their term (e.g. after the month is up) with no penalty. /// Contract memberships may be cancelled for any reason on a billing date (i.e. monthly) for the fee of the discount you received for signing the contract (e.g. if you use 2 months of a 3-month contract, you’ll be able to break it for $40 — the 2x$20 you saved by signing the contract.) 
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